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Work  Accidents

Accidentes quiropractico

Many people suffer work injuries which may range from a very severe fall or injury to something simple that occurs slowly over several years of employment.  Our treatment at Recovery Chiropractic will help you to correct the majority of your problems that arise because of work.  Our programs will help you return to the full strength and energy that you need to be the best that you can be at your job and with your family.

The adjustment

After careful examination of the spine and the body, Dr. Johnson will be able to determine which areas in the spinal column have been affected, and which need help returning to their natural position.  Dr. Johnson has several years of experience selecting the proper chiropractic techniques for each patient to help restore the spine to its natural posture.  These techniques will help relieve pressure placed on the nerves as they exit the spine and will help decrease the levels of pain that one may be experiencing.  Receiving treatment from Recovery Chiropractic will help you return to your normal routine much faster than just taking a few pills for pain and will help reduce the possibility of your condition getter worse.

These are some of the symptoms: 

 Neck Pain

Back Pain




Knee Problems

Shoulder Pain

Lack of Sleep

Lack of Focus



Dr. Ben Johnson
will give you a diagnose and determine the best program for you.



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