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Your spine helps to protect your spinal cord, which is a plays a crucial role in the nervous system.  If you have poor posture or stress placed upon the spinal cord, it can affect your nervous systems, your emotions, your movement and functionality of your body.  This is why many people suffer from back pain, headaches, joint pain, lack of energy, insomnia, etc.

Your intervertebral discs act like shocks for your spine and help provide movement and protection.  These discs can degenerate, bulge, or herniate causing a great deal of back pain.  The muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine can also be damaged or strained causing a great deal of pain.

Your nerves can also be affected while stresses are being placed upon your spine.  With an injury or poor posture, our nerves are subject to increased pressure which can cause pain to a certain area or referred pain down our arms or legs.  Many people complain of numbness and tingling in their hands or feet which can be caused by pressure on the nerves in the spine.  Your nerves connect to all the organs and muscles in your body. 


For this reason it is important to have your spine adjusted to ensure the proper function of your body. 

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