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Car Accidents

In any car accident, there is a large amount of force and stress placed on your spine and the supporting musculature. For this reason, it is very important to seek chiropractic treatment after any type of accident to help prevent any permanent damage that may occur.
The body can react to an accident in a number of different ways and can produce a wide range of symptoms. Accidente en carro

Some symptoms may include:

  •  Dizziness, 
  •  Neck and Back Pain, 
  •  Loss of Appetite, 
  •  Difficulty Concentrating or Sleeping, 
  •  Vomiting, 
  •  Numbness and Tingling in the extremities, 
  •  pain upon standing and sitting, 
  •  difficulty walking 

Many of these symptoms occur because of injuries sustained to the spinal column and the supporting musculature. These intense forces cause the muscles to react in such a way that it may put an increased level of stress on the vertebrae that protect the spinal column.

Our nervous system is protected by our spinal cord and due to the extreme forces of any accident; our nerves can be pulled, pinched, stretched, or irritated causing us an increase in our symptoms. The cervical spine will be forced forward and then snapped backwards in most cases. Any acceleration/deceleration injury to the cervical spine is better known as a whiplash injury.



The treatment given at Recovery Chiropractic is extremely important for your health to make sure that you do not experience any long term affects from the accident.


 Chiropractic care helps restore your nervous system function, health, muscle strength, and damaged ligaments, and allows for a quick and complete recovery after any car accident or injury.
Insurance companies understand the many benefits of chiropractic care. In the incident of a car accident, the insurance company of the motorist at fault will cover the treatment received in most cases.

Anyone who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, even if they do not experience any obvious symptoms directly after the accident, should receive a complete chiropractic examination.  In some cases, a person may not feel the effects of their injuries for several weeks to months after the traumatic event.  For this reason, a lack of symptoms is not indicative of a lack of injury.  

If you have any doubt as to the level of your injury, do not hesitate in contacting Recovery Chiropractic to schedule your free exam and consultation today.



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