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 An accident can occur at any moment and can change your life in a big way.  We have helped hundreds of individuals that have been involved in a car accident or have been hurt on the job.  Recovery chiropractic is experienced and well trained in helping people on an individual basis.  Don’t hesitate to call for your free consultation today.

Car Accidents

Work Related Accidents

Need a Lawyer?

We are the solution to resolving problems with your health, emotions, and finances if you have been involved in a car accident or a work related injury.  If you do not have an attorney, we will provide one for you to assist you with your case.  Dr. Johnson is always looking out for your well being.  If you already have an attorney, we will work directly with him/her to continue supporting you with your case. 

Accidents at word

Recovery Chiropractic has over 20 years of experiencing helping people with their accident cases.




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